Seminar by Federico Pichi


Federico Pichi (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)


Projection-based and data-driven reduced order models for parametric bifurcation problems


  • April 04, 2023 16:00 CEST+0200 (Europe/Rome)

  • April 04, 2023 10:00 EDT-0400 (US/Eastern)

  • April 04, 2023 09:00 CDT-0500 (US/Central)

  • April 04, 2023 07:00 PDT-0700 (US/Pacific)


Bifurcating phenomena, i.e. sudden changes in the system’s qualitative behavior linked to the solution’s non-uniqueness, naturally arise in several fields. We discuss both intrusive and non-intrusive Reduced Order Models for reconstructing bifurcation diagrams, whose associated cost is unaffordable using high-fidelity simulations. POD and deflated Greedy approaches are investigated and compared with data-driven ones based on neural networks. The proposed methodologies are tested on classical bifurcating benchmarks in fluid dynamics held by the Navier-Stokes equations and linked to Coanda’s effect.


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